Hi I'm Daniel Ortiz.


I first started training in late 2010 with a couple friends, just playing around on some benches.
A little later, we found a local parkour and free running community. Parkour seemed interesting to me since I felt I had already tried everything else.
I trained with the local community for about a year or so until I met Caleb. After training with Caleb for about a month, I started to change my mindset and attained a clearer picture of my future in the parkour and free running community. I began to focus on technique and commitment, and improved the quality of my movement.


 I fell off the map for a while due to some personal issues, but later reunited with my friends and joined one of the most beast teams in the world..

DOB: 10.02.1997       HEIGHT: 5'11"      WEIGHT: 170 lbs


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