Hi, I’m Lorena Abreu.

I was born in the Dominican Republic in ’93.

I have been training for around 4 years now and I can honestly say that parkour has become the best part about my life. Growing up, I filled every second of my free time with hobbies and extracurriculars, such as Karate, theatre, baseball, and all kinds of dance.

I have always been very physical and hyperactive, so parkour provides the perfect outlet for me to release energy and push my mind and body to their limits without the constructs and limitations of traditional sports.

I am now a professional parkour athlete and very lucky to be able to say that I can do what I love every day!

From here on out I intend to take life by the horns and become the best athlete and person I can possibly be. I want to leave the world a better place and have fun along the way.

DOB: 12.28.1993       HEIGHT: 5'1"      WEIGHT: 117 lbs




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