Members of Team Rilla Hops have an extensive stunt background, having performed stunted in several Universal Studios and Disney World shows, on a variety of TV Shows, music videos, commercials, and private performances for special events.

On top of Parkour/Freerunning, we are also trained in several other stunt disciplines, such as tumbling, martial arts, partner stunting, trampoline, and climbing.

Through years of training, a practicioner of any discipline begins to see possibilities where others do not. The more experience we gain the more creative we become. We begin to see something great, where before we saw nothing at all.


We believe that with our experience and a little creativity, we can create something of value in any environment, under any circumstances. 

As a group that emphasizes the importance of strength and technique, we are constantly learning and modifying our methods to make them more powerful, more controlled, and more efficient. We enjoy sharing the knowledge we've gained and guiding athletes new to the sport.

We are certified Parkour instructors with the World Freerunning & Parkour Federation
and several of us also have teaching backgrounds in multiple different disciplines such as martial arts, tumbling, partner stunting, calisthenics and cheerleading. 


 Rilla Hops is a team of parkour/ freerunning athletes unlike any other. Our members have a wide variety of skills and come from many different backgrounds, ensuring a unique and captivating experience for every performance. In addition to parkour, we are skilled in other performance disciplines such as tumbling, stage combat, partner stunting, cheerleading, dance, hand balancing, stilt walking, trampoline, climbing, and circus arts such as Chinese pole.  Our skills are matched with extensive performance experience at Universal Studios, Disney World, and many private performances for  special events. 

Although most known for our love of parkour, Rilla Hops is a very well rounded team with members coming from many different backgrounds. Between the members of our team, we have accumulated countless experiences and studied multiple different disciplines, all making us into more complete athletes.


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